Painting by Hilma av Klint

Distributing Chains is a PhD research project by Jaya Klara Brekke and was driven by the question of what matters politically in blockchain technology? By “matters” what is meant is literally mattering as in making a material difference in terms of effects of blockchain. By “politically” what is meant is the mediation and resolution of incompatible positions and the process through which the possible and impossible are distributed across spaces and domains.

The research led to a PhD thesis titled: Disassembling the Trust Machine, three cuts on the political matter of blockchain.

Download the thesis here (soon to be published in other more digestible formats and mediums, watch this space/ sign up below).


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The PhD research was based in the Geography department of Durham University UK and funded by the ESRC.

Supervised by professors Joe Painter and Harriet Bulkeley.

Examined by professors Louise Amoore and Andrew Leyshon.



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W: jayapapaya.net (personal website)

E: j.k.brekke@durham.ac.uk

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