Disassembling the Trust Machine (seminar series)


Today is the last day of my 8-week seminar series kindly commissioned and hosted by the New Centre for Research and Practice.  To celebrate what has been a great series of discussions and engagement I am here publishing the reading list and series of questions that we went through in the series.



The seminar had four overarching aims:

  • Begin outlining a field of political cryptoeconomics
  • Discuss and give conceptual tools for a critical understanding of the political in relation to complex networked computer systems
  • Discuss and give an overview of the political tendencies, histories and conflicts in the blockchain space
  • Discuss new political thinking emerging out of the blockchain space


I would like to thank all the students who participated and engaged with the seminar and the New Centre for Research and Practice, in particular Patrick Schabus and Mohammad Salemy for facilitation and the invitation to run the series.

And a big thank you also to Brett Scott and Rachel Rose O’Leary for generous presentations and discussions in sessions 4 and 6!



Disassembling the Trust Machine: An introduction to a political economy of blockchain

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