Paper on decentralisation in blockchain by Jaya Klara Brekke, Balázs Bodó and Jaap-Henk Hoepman published by the Internet Policy Review.

Decentralisation In The Blockchain Space


The rapidly evolving blockchain technology space has put decentralisation back into the focus of the design of techno-social systems, and the role of decentralised technological infrastructures in achieving particular social, economic, or political goals. In this entry we address how blockchains and distributed ledgers think about decentralisation. Read the Full article.

Citation: Bodó, B. & Brekke, J. K. & Hoepman, J.-H. (2021). Decentralisation in the blockchain space. Internet Policy Review, 10(2). https://doi.org/10.14763/2021.2.1560

This article belongs to the Glossary of decentralised technosocial systems, a special section of Internet Policy Review.