Publications and essays

Jaya Klara Brekke CV pdf

Brekke, J.K., Bridle, J., Vickers, B. (2019) The White Paper. Ignota Press.

Brekke, J.K., Filippidis, C. & Vradis, A. (2017). Athens and the war on public space: Tracing a city in crisis. Punctum Books.

Book chapters
Brekke, J. K. (Accepted). Disassembling the Truth Machine. In /META. Tracing unknown kno//wns/. de Vega, M. Mazon Gardoqui, V. & Silvestrin, D. ñ (Mexico City & Berlin).

Brekke, J. K. (2018). Three Postcards from the World of Decentralised Money. In MoneyLab Reader#2: Overcoming the hype. Gloerich, I., Lovink, G. & de Vries, P. Institute of Network Cultures.

Brekke, J. K. & Haase, E. (2017). Busting blocks and breaking chains. In Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain. Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Jones, N. & Skinner, S. Liverpool University Press.

Brekke, J.K., Danezis, G., Halpin, H., Isaakidis, M., Wouter, L. (2019) Principles for decentralized protocol design. Horizon 2020 – project 688722 (NEXTLEAP).

Brekke, J. K. & Bria, F. (2014). Community Requirements and Social Design. FP7 – CAPS project 610349 Decentralised Citizen Engagement Technologies (D-CENT).

Baronian, L., Brekke, J. K., Bria, F., Lucarelli, S., Sachy, M. & Vercellone, C. (2014). D3.4 Field Research and User Requirements Digital social currency pilots. FP7 – CAPS project 610349 Decentralised Citizen Engagement Technologies (D-CENT).

Brekke, J. K. & Bria, F. (2013). D-CENT Project Methodology. FP7 – CAPS project 610349 Decentralised Citizen Engagement Technologies (D-CENT).

Other (selected)
Brekke, J.K. (2018) I Saw The Blockchain At The End of The World, Turned Around and Walked Back. Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana. (State Machine pamphlet series)

Minichbauer, R. (2018) Facebook entkommen Interviews mit Jaya Klara Brekke, Florencio Cabello, Ramona-Riin Dremljuga, Vladan Joler und Stefania Milan. Transversal texts

Teaching and course material

8-week seminar on the political economy of blockchain technology
Disassembling the Trust Machine (2018)
The New Centre for Research and Practice

Ethical training module for blockchain developers, online course material
The Satoshi Oath (2016)
B9Lab, blockchain training, education and talent company