Talks and exhibitions

Jaya Klara Brekke CV pdf


June 2020 – Blumorpho Impact Week: Blockchain for social good?


June 2020 – MoneyLab #8: The political economies of hacker-engineers.

Talk and panel discussion with Inte Gloerich, Max Haiven, Martin Zeilinger, hosted by Aksioma.


Sept. 2019 – Cryptoeconomics: Towards mass behavioral engineering or a network commons? (talk)
Our Networks, Toronto, Canada


Aug. 2019 – Governance and decentralized power (panel presentation) Reimpact blockchain edition, Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park


Aug. 2019 – Web 3, what could go wrong? (panel presentation) Berlin Blockchain Week, EthBerlinZwei


Aug. 2019 The New Centre for Research and Practice, Defining a Political cryptoeconomics.


June 2019 – Digital vs Physical, meditations on the intersection between art and technology
(panel presentation with Maria Paula Fernandez, Ruth Catlow, Peter Holsgrove and Adam Broomberg)
CogX, Web 3.0 & Decentralized Future stage, London


February 2019 – Authority, Autonomy and Trust – A Political History of Blockchain (talk)Onassis cultural centre, Athens, Greece


February 2019 – New Kids on the Blockchain (panel presentation with Primavera de Filippi, Paul Seidler and RYBN), La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France


Nov. 2018 – Computational definitions of authority, autonomy and control in blockchain – and its limits (lecture and workshop)
PACT- Zollverein, Germany


Aug. 2018 – Strategies for Understanding the Power, Politics and Ethics of Blockchain and Smart Contracts (lecture)

Kunsthalle Bern


July 2018 – DappCon The future of Blockchain, what could go wrong? (panel presentation)

DappCon, Decentralized applications Ethereum developer conference


July 2018 – Symposium: Money (panel presentation)

Fab14, FabLab:Connect


July 2018 – The BIG questions-tech, power and society (panel presentation/ podcast)

Open:2018 Collaborative Technology for the Cooperative Economy


I saw the blockchain at the end of the world, turned around and walked back
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

April 2018 – It does not make sense to call this “peer-to-peer” anymore
An interview with Jaya Klara Brekke on the politics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by Raimund Minichbauer
Transversal texts


March 22nd 2018 – I am distributed: At the frontiers of blockchain
Talk, titled: Magic, maths and indeterminacy and panel discussion
Dubai Global Art Forum


Feb. 24th 2018- Blockchain: Rewiring Governance
Politics and Blockchain: Trust and Power
Cambridge University, Judge Business School


Feb. 16th – DAOWO workshop and New World Order exhibition
Drugo More, Rijeka


Feb. 8th   – Tracing trustlessness
University College London
Computer Science dept.


3rd Feb, 2018 – Fork-Politics in Postconsensus cryptoeconomics
Transmediale festival, Berlin
Workshop and panel presentation with RIAT Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics


Feb. 1st – Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain, booklaunch
Talk and panel discussion
Transmediale, Berlin


Jan. 27th – Risk Society Symposium
London Design Museum


Jan. 25th – Doing Good (on the blockchain)
Goethe Institut, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Rd,
Knightsbridge, London SW7 2PH


11th to Feb. 9th – New World Order
Curated by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett
Aksioma Project Space
Ljubliana, Slovenia



Panel presentation and performance with RIAT
Future of Demonstration S1, Vermogen Episode 5
Vienna, Austria